Friday, September 14, 2007


minnesota jc penney portrait studio
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jcpenney portrait studio
washington jc penney portrait studio
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jcpenney homestore
* Placed the Career Networking Fair Employer Registration Form on line to make it easier for employers to register for each fair. (4)
jcpenneys catalog loft bed
jc penney credit card application
* interviewing of facility staff
Staffed a booth at the Marshall Center’s Patio Tuesday “Love-In” Event.
For the Love of Penny’s ( 2/13, 11:00-1:00)
All equipment listed below will be initially investigated. However, from the information gathered in the initial site assessment (before actual functional testing or monitoring), the investigation may focus-in on specific equipment and may not further investigate some equipment listed below,
o Reduce energy and demand costs
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* Color-coded all career resources in Career Library to make location/shelving easier for students (5).
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