Friday, September 14, 2007

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newspaper tabloid, with the Oracle student advertising staff. (5)
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6. Write system description narratives for each system investigated.
This project will focus on the operation side of O&M, with attention being paid primarily to maintenance issues that will significantly impact indoor environmental quality, operability of the building or energy consumption.
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RE: Highlights of Career Center Enhancements for 2000-2001
* Installed encryption software to ensure student electronic resume and student registration database secured.
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* The Career Center collaborated with Equal Opportunity Affairs on the coordination of on-campus interviews for the Federal Workforce Recruitment Program targeted to students with disabilities seeking summer employment in federal government. ( 4 & 5)
Building 5 is 13 years old, 132,400 sf, 2-story, 90% office. It is served by 6-20 to 40 ton VAV air handlers with reheat. Chilled water is provided to B-5 and B-1 from a 500 ton and a 400 ton chiller, which has a plate and frame heat exchanger for water-side economizing. The chiller system will not be evaluated in this project, unless time permits after assessing the other systems. There are 13 variable speed drives in the building. The heating water is supplied by a 200 hp boiler in the building.
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* The Career Center staff supported graduate student’s learning experiences and/or research endeavors by: (5)
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* Revised the cooperative education procedures for students, resulting in increased clarity of program eligibility procedures; program requirements/guidelines and evaluation process. Developed a Cooperative Education Policy & Procedures Manual that staff use to administer the program. (5)
* On and Off-Campus Partnerships/ Collaboration & Outreach Initiatives
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* Reduced registration fee for the Electronic Resume Registration Service from $25 to $15.
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* The Career Center partnered with the Marshall Center, Student Government and the Athletic Association to participate in the Fall Sports Fest event, August 29th. The Career Center staff operated their Jump Start Jobs Program (an outreach effort to make students aware of on-campus employment opportunities the first week of school) and administered the Basketball Jump Shot Contest, to draw students to the Jump Start Jobs Booth so staff could market Career Center services and make students aware of on-campus jobs.
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