Friday, September 14, 2007

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* installing portable dataloggers and analyzing data
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Each Wednesday a penny was hidden in the Career Center. Clues were posted on the Career Center webpage each Wed. at 8:00AM. Students were invited to visit the Career Center from 8:30-noon to find the penny hidden in the library or lobby. Winners received a free lunch at the Campus View Restaurant.
Supervising a Counseling Education graduate student’s internship which required client contact hours with students seeking career/job search advising.
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The USF Strategic Plan Goal Areas reflected in the Career Center highlights for this academic year are:
The site consists of five buildings, of which some are connected. Most are two story, with Buildings 3 and 5 being 2-story. Buildings 2, 3 and 5 will be analyzed in this project. Building 2 is 38 years old, 30,500 sf 1-story of 100% office space. The HVAC system consists of 6-15 ton DX bypass VAV units with hot water reheat and with DDC to the terminal units, though the reheat is controlled by pneumatic thermostats. The DX equipment was replaced in 1992. The heating water is supplied by 2-175 hp boilers in this building which also serve buildings 1, 3; 4.
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* Conducted orientation sessions at the Fall & Spring Career Networking Fairs and provided students an opportunity to register with the Career Center, to “jump start” their participation in on-campus interviews and resume referral. (5)
4. In the normal course of the operational assessment, document equipment conditions that need attention.
request their assistance in complete her research survey on “ The worker and workplace
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