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The following provides highlights of enhancements made to Career Center programs/services, as well as our partnerships, outreach initiatives, staff contributions and professional development during the 2000-2001 academic year.
Allowing the graduate students in Dr. Lloyd Pettigrew’s communication class to
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o Pilot demonstration for replication
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* The Career Center conducted a “We Wanna’ Pizza You” Marketing Campaign during the Fall and Spring Semester to create awareness and encourage students to get involved with the Career Center. All students registered with the Career Center were eligible to be in a drawing to win one free pizza a week for the entire semester. The pictures/name of winning students placed on the Career Center website. Campaign co-sponsored with Papa John’s Pizza.
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* In addition to various classroom presentations and student association presentations across the campus, the Career Center continues to participate in campus outreach events as Orientation Showcase, Fantastic Friday, Senior Day, Patio Tuesday events, ATSS Open House, Women’s Awareness Week, Earth Day. (5)
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* The Career Center collaborated with the Counseling Center and Academic Advising to develop a career development brochure. The brochure highlights career planning, career exploration and career implementation steps and the career-related services provided by each of the offices. Content for the brochure has been finalized. (5)
Super Bowl XXXV Task Force; Nancy Hogshead-Maker, 3 time gold Olympic winner and sports
Enhancements & Improvements to Career Center Services/Programs
? Chiller system (including controls, chillers, cooling towers, piping, pumps and variable speed drives)—This will be evaluated if time permits.
with the staff.
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conduct an assessment of the Career Center’s internal communication style and
2. Through monitoring and functional testing, verify and document whether the systems are functioning according to the identified sequences of operation, not including alarms and safeties.
* The Career Center continues to successfully partner with the following departments and offices on these annual events/projects:
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* The Career Center has partnered with the College of Education, College of Fine Arts, Educational Outreach and Academic Computing to create an Electronic Portfolio. The portfolio will allow students to “showcase” samples of their work (i.e. report, pictures of the activity, original musical score, graphic designs etc) and give them more options than a 1 or 2 page electronic resume. The groundwork and initial discussions of this project began Spring 2001, with the continuation of the Electronic Portfolio Project in the coming academic year. (5)
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“ Careers in Professional Sports Seminar”, November 14, 2000. Over 250 students attended the
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The following marked systems will be commissioned in this project and represent the selected equipment and systems referenced above.
* examination of control program code
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From: Drema Howard
* examination of control drawings and written sequences
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