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* Created and implemented a cooperative education pre and post-training skill set assessment to measure the level of skill development gained by students participating in the cooperative education program. (5)
* Created and implemented an On-Call Advising Service Satisfaction Survey to assess student’s level of satisfaction with the service. Analysis of returned surveys indicate 97.5% were Very Satisfied or Satisfied with the service provided. (5)
* Installed the Occupational Information Network ( O*NET) database on each of the student computer workstations in the Career Center Computer Lab. O*NET, which has replaced the Department of Labor’s Dictionary of Occupational Tittles, reflects the occupations of a 21st century labor market, describes job requirements/worker attributes, uses a classification system linked to labor market information and gauges transferability of skills so its easier for students to explore career paths across career clusters. (5)
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* Collaborated with National Football League, Marshall Center and Athletics Association to offer
* Implemented pilot of the Career Center’s new automated recruitment system, Campus Professional, May, 2001. In addition to features of the current system ( web-based employment JobLine, candidate resume referral from the Career Center staff and scheduling of on-campus) Campus Professional offers the following new features: allows students to upload more than one resume; cancel their own on-campus interview on-line, view employer Information Sessions and send RSVP’s on line, self-refer their resume to an employment opportunity listed on the Jobline, conduct keyword search of Jobline employment opportunities, visit employer websites directly from the Jobline and set up an automated calendar to track their on-campus interviews/career events. The goal will be to fully “roll-out” the new system and all its enhancements Fall, 2001. (5)
Commissioning Objectives
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1. Selectively investigate for operational improvements and selectively determine the sequences of operation for equipment listed below in order to most efficiently identify operational improvements (i.e., after some investigation if equipment appears to be functioning properly, further investigating and documenting sequences will not be done). Document improvements made to current sequences of operation.
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* Merged the Experiential Learning and the Full-time Employment Teams to create a more holistic and seamless delivery of career and job search advising to students seeking career- related experience and full-time professional employment. The reorganization allows the student to work with the same professional staff member throughout their career planning and job search endeavors vs. the previous model where students worked with one staff member regarding experiential learning and another when they began to seek full-time employment. (5)
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The following items which support the above USF Strategic Plan Goals are noted in parenthesis at the end of the statement.
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Center as a Patio Tuesday program. Guest employers are invited to campus to conduct resume critiques the week prior to the Networking Fair. During the fall semester recruiters from Andersen Consulting, Lab Support, Target, Enterprise Rent-a-Car,
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Marriott. (4&5)
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SBC Telcom and Home Shopping Network participated. During the spring semester recruiters from JP Morgan & Chase, Lab Support, InRoads, Raymond James & Associates, BISK Education, T. Rowe Price and SBC Telecom critiqued resumes. (4&5)
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partnership with Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance, Residence Services and the
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This project will observe the building’s present operation and maintenance strategies and practices in an attempt to find cost effective improvements that can be implemented primarily by the owner’s building staff and service contractors. It does not include extensively investigating or implementing capital improvements. However, in the course of the assessment, any energy efficient capital improvements that are thought to be effective, will be offered as recommendations to the owner.
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HVAC System (and all integral equipment controls)
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attorney; Chris Greer, marketing manager with Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Julie Wooten, Human Resources Director with Club Corp. Golf Resorts, talk about their careers. ( 4 & 5)
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o Bring equipment to its proper operational state
5. Determine any needed additional facility staff training.
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21st Century Business & Dining Etiquette seminars which are offered each semester, in
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Goal 4 …Increasing the engagement of the university with the community and the region.
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