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* Placed the Career Networking Fair Employer Registration Form on line to make it easier for employers to register for each fair. (4)
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* interviewing of facility staff
Staffed a booth at the Marshall Center’s Patio Tuesday “Love-In” Event.
For the Love of Penny’s ( 2/13, 11:00-1:00)
All equipment listed below will be initially investigated. However, from the information gathered in the initial site assessment (before actual functional testing or monitoring), the investigation may focus-in on specific equipment and may not further investigate some equipment listed below,
o Reduce energy and demand costs
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* Color-coded all career resources in Career Library to make location/shelving easier for students (5).
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The Career Center partnered with the Welcome Week Planning Committee to offer the “Would You Like to Look Like A Millionaire” game, August 27, 2000. The game provided students an opportunity to have fun, learn about Career Center services and have a chance to win $100 gift certificate toward a business suit at Citrus Park Mall.
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* The Career Center partnered with the representatives from the College of Engineering, the College of Business and the Office of Resources for Business & Industry Training to conduct on site visit with employers. Intent of the on-site visit was to build partnerships and inform companies of the various ways USF can assist them in upgrading the education/training of their employees and how they can access a quality pool of candidates for careerships, cooperative education and full-time employment. Implemented the first on-site visits Spring 2001with Citigroup, Catalina Marketing and GTE Global Services. (4)
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Publication of the 36 page Career Networking Fair & Job Search Guide, a bi-annual
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3. Methods used for the above two tasks include:
Resume Rewrite, a drop by resume critique program, is co-sponsored by the Marshall
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Supervising and training two College Student Affairs graduate students interested in pursuing a career in a university Career Center.
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* installing portable dataloggers and analyzing data
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Each Wednesday a penny was hidden in the Career Center. Clues were posted on the Career Center webpage each Wed. at 8:00AM. Students were invited to visit the Career Center from 8:30-noon to find the penny hidden in the library or lobby. Winners received a free lunch at the Campus View Restaurant.
Supervising a Counseling Education graduate student’s internship which required client contact hours with students seeking career/job search advising.
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The USF Strategic Plan Goal Areas reflected in the Career Center highlights for this academic year are:
The site consists of five buildings, of which some are connected. Most are two story, with Buildings 3 and 5 being 2-story. Buildings 2, 3 and 5 will be analyzed in this project. Building 2 is 38 years old, 30,500 sf 1-story of 100% office space. The HVAC system consists of 6-15 ton DX bypass VAV units with hot water reheat and with DDC to the terminal units, though the reheat is controlled by pneumatic thermostats. The DX equipment was replaced in 1992. The heating water is supplied by 2-175 hp boilers in this building which also serve buildings 1, 3; 4.
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* Conducted orientation sessions at the Fall & Spring Career Networking Fairs and provided students an opportunity to register with the Career Center, to “jump start” their participation in on-campus interviews and resume referral. (5)
4. In the normal course of the operational assessment, document equipment conditions that need attention.
request their assistance in complete her research survey on “ The worker and workplace
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Find The Lucky Wednesday Penney….
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Permitting a doctoral candidate, Diana Holberg, who is finishing an internship at USF Counseling Center, to present her doctoral research topic to the Career Center staff and
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Students were asked to complete a survey to win a $100 gift certificate from JC Penney. Both USPS & A&P Career Center staff conducted the survey and talked with students about services.
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Retro-Commissioning Scope
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* The Career Cener conducted a “Penny for Your Thoughts” campaign, February 7-28, 2001. Intent of the campaign was to ascertain student’s awareness of the Career Center. If students had used services we wanted to learn if they were satisfied with the service(s) used. If students were not aware, or if they were aware of the Career Center but had never used the services, we wanted to know what would engage them in using the service. Students who completed a survey were provided an opportunity to guess how many pennies were in the J.C. Penny Jar, located at the front desk in the Career Center office. The person guessing the number of pennies closest to the number in the jar won a $100 J.C. Penny gift certificate. Staff collected a total of 577 surveys. J.C. Penny provided two $100 gift certificates. The following “Penny for Your Thoughts” events were held in February and were used to engage student’s feedback and create awareness of the Center.
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conduct a customized training session on internal communication strategies
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seminar to hear Stuart Scott, ESPN sports reporter; Michael Kelly, executive director of
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* Held the first Career Networking Fair targeted to employers from human, health and social services; government, non-profit agencies and communication. The fair, held March 29th in the SVC Breezeway, was in partnership with the College of Arts & Sciences. Despite a severe thunderstorm, which reduced the number of student participants, the participating employers and students feedback indicated they found it to be a successful day. The goal is to make this fair an annual event. ( 4 & 5)
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newspaper tabloid, with the Oracle student advertising staff. (5)
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6. Write system description narratives for each system investigated.
This project will focus on the operation side of O&M, with attention being paid primarily to maintenance issues that will significantly impact indoor environmental quality, operability of the building or energy consumption.
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RE: Highlights of Career Center Enhancements for 2000-2001
* Installed encryption software to ensure student electronic resume and student registration database secured.
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* The Career Center collaborated with Equal Opportunity Affairs on the coordination of on-campus interviews for the Federal Workforce Recruitment Program targeted to students with disabilities seeking summer employment in federal government. ( 4 & 5)
Building 5 is 13 years old, 132,400 sf, 2-story, 90% office. It is served by 6-20 to 40 ton VAV air handlers with reheat. Chilled water is provided to B-5 and B-1 from a 500 ton and a 400 ton chiller, which has a plate and frame heat exchanger for water-side economizing. The chiller system will not be evaluated in this project, unless time permits after assessing the other systems. There are 13 variable speed drives in the building. The heating water is supplied by a 200 hp boiler in the building.
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* The Career Center staff supported graduate student’s learning experiences and/or research endeavors by: (5)
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* Revised the cooperative education procedures for students, resulting in increased clarity of program eligibility procedures; program requirements/guidelines and evaluation process. Developed a Cooperative Education Policy & Procedures Manual that staff use to administer the program. (5)
* On and Off-Campus Partnerships/ Collaboration & Outreach Initiatives
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* Reduced registration fee for the Electronic Resume Registration Service from $25 to $15.
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* The Career Center partnered with the Marshall Center, Student Government and the Athletic Association to participate in the Fall Sports Fest event, August 29th. The Career Center staff operated their Jump Start Jobs Program (an outreach effort to make students aware of on-campus employment opportunities the first week of school) and administered the Basketball Jump Shot Contest, to draw students to the Jump Start Jobs Booth so staff could market Career Center services and make students aware of on-campus jobs.
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The following provides highlights of enhancements made to Career Center programs/services, as well as our partnerships, outreach initiatives, staff contributions and professional development during the 2000-2001 academic year.
Allowing the graduate students in Dr. Lloyd Pettigrew’s communication class to
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o Pilot demonstration for replication
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* The Career Center conducted a “We Wanna’ Pizza You” Marketing Campaign during the Fall and Spring Semester to create awareness and encourage students to get involved with the Career Center. All students registered with the Career Center were eligible to be in a drawing to win one free pizza a week for the entire semester. The pictures/name of winning students placed on the Career Center website. Campaign co-sponsored with Papa John’s Pizza.
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* In addition to various classroom presentations and student association presentations across the campus, the Career Center continues to participate in campus outreach events as Orientation Showcase, Fantastic Friday, Senior Day, Patio Tuesday events, ATSS Open House, Women’s Awareness Week, Earth Day. (5)
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* The Career Center collaborated with the Counseling Center and Academic Advising to develop a career development brochure. The brochure highlights career planning, career exploration and career implementation steps and the career-related services provided by each of the offices. Content for the brochure has been finalized. (5)
Super Bowl XXXV Task Force; Nancy Hogshead-Maker, 3 time gold Olympic winner and sports
Enhancements & Improvements to Career Center Services/Programs
? Chiller system (including controls, chillers, cooling towers, piping, pumps and variable speed drives)—This will be evaluated if time permits.
with the staff.
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conduct an assessment of the Career Center’s internal communication style and
2. Through monitoring and functional testing, verify and document whether the systems are functioning according to the identified sequences of operation, not including alarms and safeties.
* The Career Center continues to successfully partner with the following departments and offices on these annual events/projects:
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* The Career Center has partnered with the College of Education, College of Fine Arts, Educational Outreach and Academic Computing to create an Electronic Portfolio. The portfolio will allow students to “showcase” samples of their work (i.e. report, pictures of the activity, original musical score, graphic designs etc) and give them more options than a 1 or 2 page electronic resume. The groundwork and initial discussions of this project began Spring 2001, with the continuation of the Electronic Portfolio Project in the coming academic year. (5)
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“ Careers in Professional Sports Seminar”, November 14, 2000. Over 250 students attended the
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The following marked systems will be commissioned in this project and represent the selected equipment and systems referenced above.
* examination of control program code
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From: Drema Howard
* examination of control drawings and written sequences
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* Created and implemented a cooperative education pre and post-training skill set assessment to measure the level of skill development gained by students participating in the cooperative education program. (5)
* Created and implemented an On-Call Advising Service Satisfaction Survey to assess student’s level of satisfaction with the service. Analysis of returned surveys indicate 97.5% were Very Satisfied or Satisfied with the service provided. (5)
* Installed the Occupational Information Network ( O*NET) database on each of the student computer workstations in the Career Center Computer Lab. O*NET, which has replaced the Department of Labor’s Dictionary of Occupational Tittles, reflects the occupations of a 21st century labor market, describes job requirements/worker attributes, uses a classification system linked to labor market information and gauges transferability of skills so its easier for students to explore career paths across career clusters. (5)
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* Collaborated with National Football League, Marshall Center and Athletics Association to offer
* Implemented pilot of the Career Center’s new automated recruitment system, Campus Professional, May, 2001. In addition to features of the current system ( web-based employment JobLine, candidate resume referral from the Career Center staff and scheduling of on-campus) Campus Professional offers the following new features: allows students to upload more than one resume; cancel their own on-campus interview on-line, view employer Information Sessions and send RSVP’s on line, self-refer their resume to an employment opportunity listed on the Jobline, conduct keyword search of Jobline employment opportunities, visit employer websites directly from the Jobline and set up an automated calendar to track their on-campus interviews/career events. The goal will be to fully “roll-out” the new system and all its enhancements Fall, 2001. (5)
Commissioning Objectives
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1. Selectively investigate for operational improvements and selectively determine the sequences of operation for equipment listed below in order to most efficiently identify operational improvements (i.e., after some investigation if equipment appears to be functioning properly, further investigating and documenting sequences will not be done). Document improvements made to current sequences of operation.
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* Merged the Experiential Learning and the Full-time Employment Teams to create a more holistic and seamless delivery of career and job search advising to students seeking career- related experience and full-time professional employment. The reorganization allows the student to work with the same professional staff member throughout their career planning and job search endeavors vs. the previous model where students worked with one staff member regarding experiential learning and another when they began to seek full-time employment. (5)
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The following items which support the above USF Strategic Plan Goals are noted in parenthesis at the end of the statement.
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Center as a Patio Tuesday program. Guest employers are invited to campus to conduct resume critiques the week prior to the Networking Fair. During the fall semester recruiters from Andersen Consulting, Lab Support, Target, Enterprise Rent-a-Car,
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Marriott. (4&5)
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SBC Telcom and Home Shopping Network participated. During the spring semester recruiters from JP Morgan & Chase, Lab Support, InRoads, Raymond James & Associates, BISK Education, T. Rowe Price and SBC Telecom critiqued resumes. (4&5)
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partnership with Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance, Residence Services and the
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This project will observe the building’s present operation and maintenance strategies and practices in an attempt to find cost effective improvements that can be implemented primarily by the owner’s building staff and service contractors. It does not include extensively investigating or implementing capital improvements. However, in the course of the assessment, any energy efficient capital improvements that are thought to be effective, will be offered as recommendations to the owner.
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HVAC System (and all integral equipment controls)
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attorney; Chris Greer, marketing manager with Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Julie Wooten, Human Resources Director with Club Corp. Golf Resorts, talk about their careers. ( 4 & 5)
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o Bring equipment to its proper operational state
5. Determine any needed additional facility staff training.
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21st Century Business & Dining Etiquette seminars which are offered each semester, in
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Goal 4 …Increasing the engagement of the university with the community and the region.
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