Friday, September 14, 2007

JC Penney Portrait

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Permitting a doctoral candidate, Diana Holberg, who is finishing an internship at USF Counseling Center, to present her doctoral research topic to the Career Center staff and
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Students were asked to complete a survey to win a $100 gift certificate from JC Penney. Both USPS & A&P Career Center staff conducted the survey and talked with students about services.
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Retro-Commissioning Scope
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* The Career Cener conducted a “Penny for Your Thoughts” campaign, February 7-28, 2001. Intent of the campaign was to ascertain student’s awareness of the Career Center. If students had used services we wanted to learn if they were satisfied with the service(s) used. If students were not aware, or if they were aware of the Career Center but had never used the services, we wanted to know what would engage them in using the service. Students who completed a survey were provided an opportunity to guess how many pennies were in the J.C. Penny Jar, located at the front desk in the Career Center office. The person guessing the number of pennies closest to the number in the jar won a $100 J.C. Penny gift certificate. Staff collected a total of 577 surveys. J.C. Penny provided two $100 gift certificates. The following “Penny for Your Thoughts” events were held in February and were used to engage student’s feedback and create awareness of the Center.
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* Held the first Career Networking Fair targeted to employers from human, health and social services; government, non-profit agencies and communication. The fair, held March 29th in the SVC Breezeway, was in partnership with the College of Arts & Sciences. Despite a severe thunderstorm, which reduced the number of student participants, the participating employers and students feedback indicated they found it to be a successful day. The goal is to make this fair an annual event. ( 4 & 5)
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